Kosta de Alhabaite

Nortenho, do Condado Portucalense

Se em 1628 os Portuenses foram os primeiros a revoltar-se contra o domínio dos Filipes, está na hora de nos levantarmos de novo, agora contra a colonização lisboeta!

The Endgame: full white genocide documentary

According to the UN Convention about genocide, genocide means any of the following actions performed entirely or partially for the destruction purpose of national, racial, ethnical, or religious groups, as such:
  • Murder of members of the group.
  • Causing serious physical or mental damage to members of the group.
  • Intentionally imposing living conditions on the group intended to cause its partial or whole physical devastation.
  • Imposing actions deliberately for births control within the group.
  • Transfer of children from one group to another by force.
The signs of points (b) and (d) can observe in Western Countries. Concerning point (b), the phenomenon of cultural Marxism has undoubtedly produced mental damage to the people of Western White Countries. To that people it has been taught for generations that as a white people they have a communal guilt, and directly or indirectly they are accountable for most of the problems of the World. They are encouraged to feel embarrassed of themselves and of their ancestry and history. That is told to the whites that they should be punished for the historical actions of conquest or slavery.
Point (d) is closely related today to the standard of free abortion.  Nowadays Western women usually use abortion for birth control, which led to extremely low birth rate among white people. So instead of having more children, immigrants are expected to replace the reducing population and decreasing workforce.