Kosta de Alhabaite

Nortenho, do Condado Portucalense

Se em 1628 os Portuenses foram os primeiros a revoltar-se contra o domínio dos Filipes, está na hora de nos levantarmos de novo, agora contra a colonização lisboeta!

A Batalha das Ardenas: The Real Reason Hitler Launched the Battle of the Bulge

Há 70 anos, a 16 de Dezembro, o III Reich lançava a sua última ofensiva, detida e depois esmagada pelas forças americanas. Foi a Batalha das Ardenas.

Winston Churchill called World War II's Battle of the Bulge "the greatest American battle of the war." Steven Spielberg engraved the 6-week ordeal on the popular imagination with Band of Brothers, which dramatized the attack on the village of Foy by three companies of the 101st Airborne Division, the Screaming Eagles.

"I wondered why Hitler had specifically chosen the Ardennes. It's his plan, and everything about it had to have significance. Therefore, I wondered if there was more to the Ardennes than simply a region where the Allies were weak. I went back to Hitler's pronouncements, his beliefs, and his fascination with Wagner. In Wagner, a huge amount of the action takes place in woods and forests. This taps into the old Nordic beliefs and gods—that woods are a place of testing for human beings.
If you look at the whole Nazi creed, the false religion that Hitler and the SS created, woods and forests crop up time after time. Even the code name for the offensive, Herbstnebel—Autumn Mist—has all sorts of Wagnerian connotations. Wagner uses mist or smoke to announce the arrival of evil. So it was no accident that the attack against the Americans was launched from large forests, in heavy fog."  [ler aqui]

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