Kosta de Alhabaite

Nortenho, do Condado Portucalense

Se em 1628 os Portuenses foram os primeiros a revoltar-se contra o domínio dos Filipes, está na hora de nos levantarmos de novo, agora contra a colonização lisboeta!

Shame on you London

Muslim Anti-Semite Elected London Mayor Jihad Khan !!!!!

This is part of the Islamization of Britain. Is anyone really surprised? The UK banned me from the country. It is already acting like a defacto Islamic state. That a man who has shared a platform with open Jew-haters could still be elected Mayor of London is an indication of how far gone Britain already is. In Sadiq Khan's campaign, his opponents brought this up as a blot on his record. Soon enough in Britain, however, it will be a selling point for candidates appealing to an increasingly Muslim electorate.

London has an official population of 8.6 million. 1 million of them muslim. Many, in fact, will be migrants. Muslim Khan was elected to become mayor of London by 1,310,143 people. Probably muslims (the figures fit almost perfectly).
Hardly a mandate to govern London is it? ‪#‎Islamisation‬ ‪#‎ThisIsEngland‬‪#‎RIPLondon‬

Did anyone think the notoriously anti-semitic UK would vote for his opponent - a Jew? London is overrun - voter fraud in Muslim precincts is rampant. Not that you would need it. [daqui]

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