Kosta de Alhabaite

Nortenho, do Condado Portucalense

Se em 1628 os Portuenses foram os primeiros a revoltar-se contra o domínio dos Filipes, está na hora de nos levantarmos de novo, agora contra a colonização lisboeta!

Momento Musical: Sophie Zelmani

Don't you ever go out?
When was the last time you're out?
Have you ever been out?
Oh dear

Is something wrong with the air?
Since you can't breathe in here
How long have you held your breath?
Oh dear

What is closing you in?
Must be a giant dream
It's not your life we have seen
Oh dear

Don't let your choices be
hopes you still can't feel
All was given for free
My dear

from album "A Decade of Dreams" & "Sing And Dance" & "A Decade of Dreams"